Kathee Burke-Gonzalez- Councilwoman

“When I see problems, I try to fix them. East Hampton has problems. I think I can help.” I know from hard-won experience over my nine years on the Springs School Board, the last two as its president, that the best public servants listen and are responsive to the needs of the community.

It’s not the public’s job to figure out how to budget for and maintain our vital services. That’s what elected officials are supposed to do on the community’s behalf. And that’s what I have accomplished on the Springs School Board.

I want to bring my energy, experience, and commitment to Town-wide office.


My Goals Someone has to draw the lines- to preserve and protect the East Hampton we love, while balancing means and ends so that working people can afford to live here. If you give me your vote I will!If elected, Kathee will:

  1. Keep a lid on taxes and the town’s debt.

  2. Ensure honest, fiscally responsible budgets.

  3. Strike a balance between the economy and the environment so that both thrive.

  4. Fully and fairly enforce the Town Code everywhere in town.

  5. Manage the Montauk club scene.

  6. Re-establish Town Board control over East Hampton Airport.

  7. Defend and protect our beaches and beach access.

  8. Put a stop to political manipulation of the ZBA and Planning Board.

  9. Restore strong bonds with Town employees.

  10. Return civility, dignity, and seriousness to the Town Board.



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Kathee grew up in Valley Stream and attended the Catholic schools there. She earned her BS from Sienna College in Marketing and Management. Kathee has worked in advertising for 30 years and is an account executive at an agency here on the East End.

She is married to Joe Gonzalez, who tends bar at Rowdy Hall in East Hampton Village. They have lived in East Hampton for 17 years, first in Montauk where they were married, and now in Springs. They are the proud parents of Burke, 15, and Nina, 13, both students in our local schools.


Kathee served for nine years on the Springs School Board, the last two as its President. Her term ended in June of 2013. She chaired the Communications, Audit, and Budget committees of the Board.

What Kathee says of her background and experience:

When I was first elected to the Springs School Board, Burke was 6 and Nina was 3. Like any parent, my greatest concern after the health of y children is their education, getting them set to be successful, independent adults. I knew we needed to change things in Springs if that was going to happen for my kids and everyone else’s, and I was determined to see it done.

During my nine years on the Springs School Board, we made huge strides that have truly made a difference. Springs Middle School is now ranked 69th out of 1,125 in New York. We were named a Columbia Teacher’s College Project School in recognition of our exceptional balanced literacy program and have been recognized by Russell Sage  for character education, and brought many of our special education students home from Westhampton BOCES.

I could fill this page with what has been accomplished!

The reality is that money has always been an issue in Springs. We want good schools for our kids, but there is only so much we can afford. By constant attention to detail and the willingness to re-think everything we do, and with the cooperation of the community, the Springs School Board saved more than $4 million for Springs taxpayers. We restructured programs and services, cutting $792,000 from the district’s budget with the community’s full support. The two budgets while I was president of the Board were approved by citizen votes of 76% and 77%.

We cannot have everything, but with non-stop effort, we can have good government at a price we can afford. I know it because I have lived it. Now I want to bring that energy, experience, and commitment to town-wide office, striking the necessary balance between our finances and the health of our community.

What our neighbors are saying about Kathee

“Kathee has been an outstanding steward of taxpayers hard-earned money and a proven problem solver” (Allison Pitches Ledda)

“Kathee knows first-hand how challenging it is to earn a living and raise a family here. She will be a fierce advocate for working people.” (Christopher Minardi)

“Kathee can be counted on to stand up against special interests and cronyism.” (Therese Watson)

“Kathee has the energy and determination to find solutions. She is the voice of common sense.” (Alex Balsam)

“Kathee thinks creatively, and has the gift of bringing people of different perspectives and different backgrounds into productive collaboration. We need her!” (John Conner)

“Kathee’s dedication to the Springs School Board and her open-minded view was a blessing to the taxpayers of the Springs community.” (Nicole and Mauricio Castillo)