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Do you want your peace and quiet back?

A message from Councilwoman Sylvia Overby about airport noise.

EHDems2015-SYLVIA OVERBY-2048When the East Hampton Town Board recovered control of the airport from the FAA last January, the Town Board acted. We adopted the first-ever airport noise restrictions. Now we are defending those restrictions in federal court against legal attack by commercial helicopter and aircraft operators.

We know that these first steps are just a beginning and have pledged to continue forward until the quiet enjoyment of our homes, decks, and gardens is restored to us. But I am here to tell you that that effort will be stopped dead in its tracks if our Republican opponents are elected to the Town Board this November.

The Republican candidates oppose the restrictions adopted and even object to our defending ourselves against the aviation legal attack, although that defense does not cost the taxpayers a dime! It is paid for entirely by airport users. Worse, the Republicans are willing to take new FAA money and give up our hard-won local control of the airport forever.

If you are adversely affected by airport noise, or concerned for those who are, and want East Hampton to maintain local control and see the job through, it is of the utmost importance that you get to the polls on Election Day and make your voice heard. If you cannot vote in person, please vote by absentee ballot. We cannot help you unless you help us to do it.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 3. I ask for your vote for all of us — Larry Cantwell, Peter Van Scoyoc, and Sylvia Overby — to continue this important work.

Larry Cantwell for Supervisor,
Sylvia Overby and Peter Van Scoyoc for Town Board.