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About Us


East Hampton Democratic Party Mandate

The Democratic Party, founded by Jefferson and Jackson, made relevant for our times by Roosevelt, Kennedy and Obama, has been the party of ALL THE PEOPLE, regardless of race, economic status or longevity in the American community. These are the values of the Democratic Party in East Hampton, and we seek to bring our community together in furtherance of them and of the unique qualities of our fragile and lovely waterfront town.

To us, a place without a soul is just another ho-hum theme park. We believe that preservation of the unique environment, cultural heritage and authentic history of our town is good for everyone, crucial to the success of our economy and essential to the quality of life that defines East Hampton for all who live here. We are committed to providing needed services to our citizens including affordable housing for working people, seniors and families. We are the only local party to have offered and sustained successful affordable housing options.

We believe in a fiscally sound government and are determined to elect candidates with experience and commitment that ensure good management. We believe that today we build the future tomorrow.

The Democratic Town Committee

The Democratic Town Committee is the official organization of the Democratic Party in East Hampton. In accordance with law, the Committee proposes candidates for town offices and collects signatures for the petitions required to enable local state and national candidates to run for office. In our town, it does that and much more. We are the friendly critic and watchdog of our elected officials. And in an election, we work overtime to see that they get elected.

Membership in the Democratic Town Committee is open to all Democrats registered in East Hampton. There are two Committee persons for each of the town’s 19 election districts. We meet once a month to hear from our public officials, catch up on news, formulate policy and take on responsibilities during and between campaigns.

Committee Leadership

Jeanne Frankl, Chair

Betty Mazur, Vice-Chair

Ilissa Meyer, Treasurer

Averill Geus, Secretary


Christopher Kelley, Chair Emeritus

Andrew Malone, Chair Emeritus

Bill Taylor, Chair Emeritus


For the names of our current Committee persons, or to become one of them, click here.

Democratic Party Chair

Democratic Town Committee chairperson Jeanne Frankl, a retired lawyer has been the chairman of the Committee since 2009. A full time resident of East Hampton since 1996, she lives in the Amagansett home she and her husband bought in 1973. Her mission as Chair has been two fold: (1) to sustain the commitment nurtured by generations of our local Democrats to preserving East Hampton’s heritage and environment while serving all its people; and (2) to bring into our local government arena a new generation of Democratic leaders. The Committee has enlisted 20 new members since Jeanne was elected. She expects the Democrats’ 2015 campaign to further both of her agendas in re-electing Larry Cantwell, Sylvia Overby and Peter Van Scovoc to the Town Board and bringing new leadership to the Trustees.

Our Democratic Officeholders

Town Supervisor Larry Cantwell

Town Councilwoman Sylvia Overby

Town Councilwoman Kathee Burke-Gonzalez

Town Councilman Peter Van Scoyoc

Town Justice Steven Tekulsky

Town Assessors Jeanne Nielsen & Eugene DePasquale

Town Clerk Carole Brennan

Town Trustees Bill Taylor, Tyler Armstrong, Francis J. Bock, Rick Drew, Brian Byrnes