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…by protecting your pocketbook.

Protecting the pocketbooks of our residents while providing necessary services cost-effectively is essential to the economic health of the town and to enabling our residents to stay in East Hampton.

Here are some of the fiscal achievements we are most proud of: Since the beginning of the Cantwell administration in January 2014, we balanced the 2014 budget and produced a $1.6 million surplus that will reduce future tax burdens.  We adopted a three-year cost cutting plan to save $1 million per year. We cut total town debt by $10 million, and the town’s credit rating has been upgraded. We refinanced debt at lower interest rates saving $2 million over ten years. Our 2015 budget came in below the state tax cap.

Most of our year-round residents live on what we earn by working, including our retirees who earned their pensions and savings over a lifetime. We need to make sure that town government helps them to succeed. If fiscal prudence, sound management, and diligent attention to cost savings matter to you, as they do to us, we ask for your vote again on Election Day, Tuesday, November 3.

Larry Cantwell for Supervisor,
Sylvia Overby and Peter Van Scoyoc for Town Board.