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Our Elected Officials 2016

Larry Cantwell, Town Supervisor

Under Larry’s leadership, civil discourse, respect for citizens and government transparency have returned to Town Hall. “The finances of the town are back on sound footing: there is a surplus in the budget, debt has been reduced and our credit rating has been upgraded saving millions of dollars in taxes.”

Peter Van Scoyoc, Town Board

I want to do what I can to ensure that future generations will continue to enjoy the beauty and bounty of our surroundings and experience the care and support that our small town community offers. As a business owner, I understand the need to support local business while balancing the needs of the community and environment.

Sylvia Overby, Town Board

There are very few members of our community with a deeper understanding of planning and land-use issues. Before being elected to the Town Board, Sylvia had long been a member of the Amagansett Citizens Advisory Committee and served for six years as its chair. She chaired the Hamlets and Villages sub-committee for the East Hampton Comprehensive Plan. She then served a seven-year term on the East Hampton Planning Board, four years as its chair.

Bill Taylor, Trustee

Bill has a great knowledge of East Hampton’s harbors and beaches and a record of getting things done. He was hired as East Hampton’s first Senior Harbormaster in 1989 and promoted to Waterways Management Supervisor in 2000. Bill was deeply involved in the creation of the Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan,the local federally designated no discharge zone and our long standing beach driving regulations. He has worked with federal, state, and county agencies and local environmental groups, helping to keep our waters clean, our shellfish grounds open and our navigation channels dredged.

Francis J. Bock, Trustee

Francis believes that the Town Trustee holdings are precious, sensitive resources. Without them, East Hampton would not be the treasure it is. He believes in balancing fair and equal use of these public areas while preserving them for nature’s needs. Reaching the proper balance is difficult but necessary. Our local economy depends on it. Francis has the experience and the desire to make that balance work. He believes remembering the past, working in the present and planning for the future are what the Trustees must do to be effective.

Brian Byrnes, Trustee

Bill is deeply committed to this community and makes it a point to get involved as much as possible. My love for the water, and ever changing coastline has brought me to be an avid follower of the Trustees and the wonderful work they do.

Rick Drew, Trustee

As an avid outdoorsman and businessman, he believes it is of paramount importance that we protect our local environment and natural resources. We must be vigilant with respect to protecting our environment if our communities are to continue to flourish. We are a beach and water based community therefor, public access to our beaches is essential, one of the reasons Rick is an active member of CFAR. Rick believes it is time for progressive leadership on the Town Trustees to provide transparency, consistency, clearly defined procedures, open communication and overall good governance.

Tyler Armstrong, Trustee

With a common sense attitude and a strong knowledge of our local environment, he is here to help keep our historic and natural character intact for future generations.