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The Era of Trump and Ryan

In the era of Trump and Ryan, Americans are facing a threat to the very essentials of Democracy. The good news is that as always in our country people of liberal politics are making themselves heard in outrage. All around the country, and particularly in Suffolk County many groups are showing unparalleled determination and organization. East Hampton Democrats are working with this extraordinary base of allies to turn outrage and activism into winning elections.

Our committee has been honing its skills, reaching out to new leadership and growing its base. In the last election we registered 400 new local Democrats and topped the county in percentage of Democratic votes for President and Congress. Since then, we have elected a young new co- chair Ilissa Meyer to join long time leader Jeanne Frankl. After an intensive strategic planning process we established three main goals: election of a Democratic town board, defeat of Congressman Lee Zeldin in 2018 and effective reorganization of our Committee to meet the challenges. Every action is in service of those goals.