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…instead of always picking fights?

Why are the Republican controlled East Hampton Town Trustees so indifferent to the problems of people in East Hampton? Why are they always looking to pick a fight?

First they tried to raise the rent by 1200% at Lazy Point. Then, when the scientist they hired suggested opening Georgica Pond to help flush out some of the toxic algae, they refused. When Temple Adas Israel in Sag Harbor needed Trustee approval for road access, the Trustees dragged their feet. Why are they months behind in publishing their minutes and why did they fight to keep LTV from covering their meetings on TV? They pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees to one member’s brother-in-law with nothing to show for it except a losing record in court. When the Town Board tried to take on the raucous drinking and partying on weekends at Indian Wells Beach in Amagansett, they picked another fight and refused to cooperate. When the East Hampton Village Board tried to adjust their management of trash collection on East Hampton Village beaches, the Trustees picked another fight.

What is going on? It’s time for a change. All this fighting and bickering can be done away with by electing Democratic Trustees in 2015.

Please vote for Democratic Trustees on November 3, 2015, and they will pick their battles so they fight only for the real interests of East Hampton voters.