Message from Our Chair – February 20, 2019

Dear East Hampton Democrats,

It’s gratifying to report that the positive impact of the 2018 Blue Wave is being felt throughout the country. In Washington, the new Democratic control of the House of Representatives has begun to restore the checks and balances that are a pillar of our democracy and in the  Democratic majority of the New York State Legislature has passed significant legislation to: reform elections, ensure sensible gun regulation and protect the reproductive rights of women. 

Here in East Hampton our Democratic Town Board has been busy working for you as well. They have passed bans on the use of Styrofoam and the release of balloons that end up in our waters and on land hurting our wildlife. East Hampton’s first solar farm is already providing clean renewable energy. and the Town Board is overseeing the completion of the first new affordable housing project in years, preparing to break ground on another and has just authorized the purchase of 4 additional acres where affordable housing will be built.

Your East Hampton Democratic Committee has been hard at work too.  The highly anticipated and welcome NYS election reforms that were passed in the first session have accelerated our political calenda therefore we began our 2019 candidate screening process immediately. Our full committee candidate screenings were well attended, fully transparent, and collaborative. We held our public convention on Wednesday, February 13th and selected our 2019 East Hampton Democratic Slate.

We chose carefully and are united knowing that the candidates we elected to our slate represent the most experienced and qualified. They share a passion for protection and preserving our community and have proven, whether first time candidates or incumbents seeking re-election, that they are dedicated to upholding the Democratic values that we expect of our leadership.  
Soon we will move on to our candidate petitioning process and will be knocking on your doors and asking for your signature on our candidate petitions. Please be sure to check the credentials of those seeking your signature and the candidates they represent. Our duly elected district representatives will have their name tag with their Election District on it and the petitions they carry will have the names of our entire slate.

I thank you for your support and look forward to continuing our East Hampton Blue Wave in 2019.

Cate Rogers
East Hampton Democratic Committee