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“But we’ve always done it this way…” is not a good answer

…not when it’s time for a change

The Republican majority of the East Hampton Town Trustees does not recognize the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, the Suffolk County Department of Health Services or the Federal Emergency Management Agency. It denies it is subject to all rules and regulations not emanating from… the King of England. That’s right, they claim their jurisdiction from patents from King James II, although we won the Revolutionary War. While East Hampton waters are clogging with toxic algae and our beaches too often are either filled with drunken revelers or eroding away under our collective noses, they refuse to cooperate with the Town Board or with other state, county, federal or even local agencies to solve our problems. They’re more interested in paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to bring lawsuits about what the King of England said than helping 21st Century East Hampton residents. Saying, “But we’ve always done it this way” is not a good answer. It’s time for a change.

Vote for the Democratic Trustees on November 3rd. Lets bring a new majority and a new way of thinking to our historic East Hampton Trustees.