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Tyler Armstrong, Trustee

Tyler Armstrong of the local Damark family, is working to make our town the best it can be.  With a common sense attitude and a strong knowledge of our local environment, he is here to help keep our historic and natural character intact for future generations.  You may know of local businesses such as Damark’s Deli and East End Taxi owned by his family members.

Tyler graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from Hampshire College, studying ecology and education.  He spent 3 years working in Nature Education at the South Natural History Museum in Bridgehampton.  At 28 he is a founding member of the East End Climate Action Network, and as a naturalist and poet, is a vibrant part of the local arts and science communities.

Tyler’s goals include keeping local and young people in this town, keeping our job market strong by supporting local businesses and protecting fishing resources for all.  He knows that a strong economy is reliant on a clean environment.  He hopes to bring transparency and accountability to the Trustees, a governing body that he feels has a crucial role to play in the changing times, but too often clings to outdated traditions.