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What We Have Done


Since taking office in 2014, our Democratic Town Board has amassed a record. Some of their accomplishments are:

  • Major initiatives in harbor and groundwater protection, especially in Springs and Montauk
  • Preserved open space through CPF, especially in Springs and Montauk
  • Closed the scavenger waste plant to protect groundwater and save almost a million dollars annually
  • Initiated a Mitigation and Recovery Plan to protect our shoreline from long-term erosion
  • Supported Montauk’s beach stabilization project
  • Enacted restrictions on national chain stores
  • Approved affordable housing project
  • Banned single use plastic bags
  • Initiated a plan for energy independence and solar energy production
  • Started restoration of Duck Creek, Second House Museum and Fort Pond House
  • Improved effectiveness in code enforcement
  • Increased cooperation among department heads and town employees
  • Adopted restrictions to reduce helicopter noise

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