Meet Your 2022 East Hampton Democratic Committee Members

Listed with their Election Districts (ED)

ED 1 – Jeanne Frankl and Barbara Layton
ED 2 – Suzanne McNear and Michael Koegler
ED 3 – James Lubetkin and Robert Wick
ED 4 – Loring Bolger and Alice Tepper Marlin
ED 5 – Ira Barocas and Joan McGivern
ED 6 – Maureen Cahill and Sarah Brooks
ED 7 – Abigail Fleming and Doreen Niggles
ED 8 – Mary Busch and Jeremiah Mulligan
ED 9 – Francis Bock and Annemarie McCoy
ED 10 – Andy Harris and Sally Richardson
ED 11 – David Goldstein and Robert Cardonsky
ED 12 – David Hillman and Anna Skrenta
ED 13 – Jacquelyn Gavron and Perry Gershon
ED 14 – J.B. Dos Santos and Audrey Gaines
ED 15 – Christopher Kelley and Thomas Crouch
ED 16 – Timothy Garneau and Marilyn Van Scoyoc
ED 17 – Pamela Bicket and Bette Smith
ED 18 – Frederick Brooks and Kelly Dunn
ED 19 – Connie Cortese and Laura Michaels

The Democratic Town Committee is the official organization of the Democratic Party in East Hampton. The Committee proposes candidates for town offices and collects signatures for the petitions required to enable local, state and national candidates to run for office. Committee members recently completed the petitioning of Democratic voters in their individual election districts in order to serve as representatives of those districts for the next two years.