After a hard fought primary battle, which took time, money, and a heap of effort, candidates Peter Van Scoyoc for Supervisor and Kathee Burke-Gonzalez and Jeff Bragman for councilmen were poised to tackle their opponents who began the campaign by scattering signs of all sizes throughout the town.  But at every opportunity, and there were quite a few, our guys ran circles around them.  Their straightforward assessment of the issues that face East Hampton and their superior accomplishments were acknowledged by the public who gave a crushing victory.  Hats off to Peter, Kathee, and Jeff who will continue the good work of the last four years and to all who did the hard work of supporting our team with walking their districts knocking on doors and making all those phone calls. CONGRADUALTIONS!

Our Secret Weapon

Under the leadership of strategist Chris Kelley, the Campaign Manager, Betty Mazur, standing a scant 5 feet, rode herd on her team of workers.  With finesse, charm, and her sense of urgency, Betty gave the team their daily prod to go to work.  Betty Mazur, a leader par excel lance!

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