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Message from Our Chair - February 20, 2019

Message from Our Chair – February 20, 2019

Dear East Hampton Democrats,

It’s gratifying to report that the positive impact of the 2018 Blue Wave is being felt throughout the country. In Washington, the new Democratic control of the House of Representatives has begun to restore the checks and balances that are a pillar of our democracy and in the  Democratic majority of the New York State Legislature has passed significant legislation to: reform elections, ensure sensible gun regulation and protect the reproductive rights of women. 

Here in East Hampton our Democratic Town Board has been busy working for you as well. They have passed bans on the use of Styrofoam and the release of balloons that end up in our waters and on land hurting our wildlife. East Hampton’s first solar farm is already providing clean renewable energy. and the Town Board is overseeing the completion of the first new affordable housing project in years, preparing to break ground on another and has just authorized the purchase of 4 additional acres where affordable housing will be built.

Your East Hampton Democratic Committee has been hard at work too.  The highly anticipated and welcome NYS election reforms that were passed in the first session have accelerated our political calenda therefore we began our 2019 candidate screening process immediately. Our full committee candidate screenings were well attended, fully transparent, and collaborative. We held our public convention on Wednesday, February 13th and selected our 2019 East Hampton Democratic Slate.

We chose carefully and are united knowing that the candidates we elected to our slate represent the most experienced and qualified. They share a passion for protection and preserving our community and have proven, whether first time candidates or incumbents seeking re-election, that they are dedicated to upholding the Democratic values that we expect of our leadership.  
Soon we will move on to our candidate petitioning process and will be knocking on your doors and asking for your signature on our candidate petitions. Please be sure to check the credentials of those seeking your signature and the candidates they represent. Our duly elected district representatives will have their name tag with their Election District on it and the petitions they carry will have the names of our entire slate.

I thank you for your support and look forward to continuing our East Hampton Blue Wave in 2019.

Cate Rogers
East Hampton Democratic Committee

East Hampton Democrats Select Their 2019 Candidates

East Hampton Democrats Select Their 2019 Candidates

Following an open, well advertised and transparent candidate screening process the East Hampton Democratic Committee held its nominating convention on Thursday, February 13, 2019 to select its candidates for November’s election. Well attended by almost 80% of the 36 committee members they cast their votes for a full slate of candidates.   

Nominated for Town Council are incumbents Sylvia Overby, who will be seeking her third term on the Town Board, and Councilman David Lys who was appointed in January of 2018 and successfully won victory in the September 2018 Democratic primary and was elected with over 71% of the vote in the November 2018 general election.

For Supervisor the Committee selected incumbent Supervisor Peter Van Scoyoc who will be seeking his second 2-year term as Supervisor.  Van Scoyoc was previously elected twice to the Town Council and before that served as Chairman of the Zoning Board of Appeals and as a member of the Planning Board.

Selected to run for Trustee were incumbents Francis Bock, Bill Taylor, Susan McGraw-Keber, John Aldred and Rick Drew.  Also nominated was Republican Jim Grimes from Montauk who is an incumbent trustee.  In addition, Democrats Tim Garneau, Zach Cohen  and Mike Martinsen were nominated to run for Trustee.  Tim Garneau is a member of the East Hampton Democratic Committee and Mike Martinsen is a Montauk resident, oyster farmer and fisherman.  Zach Cohen, another member of the Democratic Committee, has previously run for Trustee and Supervisor and is Chairman of the Nature Preserve Committee.

For Town Justice, there was a contest between Conservative Party member Trevor Darrell and Democratic Committee member Andrew Strong.  Andrew Strong won the nomination with overwhelming support from the Committee.  He is a graduate of Middlebury College and Northwestern University Law School and has worked as an Assistant DA in Manhattan as well as human rights lawyer in The Hague.  He is 39 years old and lives in East Hampton with his wife who is also a lawyer and their three young children.  He is currently an advocate for immigrant civil rights as general counsel to OLA of Eastern Long Island (The Organization of Latino Americans).

The Committee also selected incumbent Democrat Steve Lynch for Highway Supervisor and tax assessors Jeannie Nielsen and Jill Massa.

Committee Chairman, Cate Rogers said, “We are very proud of our slate and the strength of their combined experience and accomplishments.  This group of candidates has a proven track record of promoting renewable energy, affordable housing and clean water and I know they will continue working to achieve those goals.”  Supervisor, Peter Van Scoyoc said, “This is a great team; we have a great slate running.  Everybody who has been in office before has shown that they are a hard worker and are keenly attuned to what their constituents are thinking.  They are open minded and fair as well as driven by the best values and ideals of promoting good government.  It should be a great campaign.”  Given the new state electoral calendar, the Democratic Committee will be carrying nominating petitions for its candidates from the end of February to the end of March. 

Elected Officials

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Peter Van Scoyoc

Peter Van Scoyoc


Steven Tekulsky

Steven Tekulsky

Town Justice
Carole A. Brennan

Carole A. Brennan

Town Clerk
Eugene de Pasquale

Eugene de Pasquale

Tax Assessor
Steve Lynch

Steve Lynch

Highway Superintendant

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The Democratic Party, founded by Jefferson and Jackson, made relevant for our times by Roosevelt, Kennedy and Obama, has been the party of ALL THE PEOPLE, regardless of race, economic status or longevity in the American community. These are the values of the Democratic Party in East Hampton, and we seek to bring our community together in furtherance of them and of the unique qualities of our fragile and lovely waterfront town.

To us, a place without a soul is just another ho-hum theme park. We believe that preservation of the unique environment, cultural heritage and authentic history of our town is good for everyone, crucial to the success of our economy and essential to the quality of life that defines East Hampton for all who live here. We are committed to providing needed services to our citizens including affordable housing for working people, seniors and families. We are the only local party to have offered and sustained successful affordable housing options.

We believe in a fiscally sound government and are determined to elect candidates with experience and commitment that ensure good management. We believe that today we build the future tomorrow.


East Hampton Democrats need volunteers to help us elect Peter Van Scoyoc for Supervisor, re-elect Councilwoman Kathee Burke-Gonzalez and Jeff Bragman to the Town Board. The candidates put up by the Republicans offer neither the experience nor the commitments to sustain and continue their achievements in maintaining the Town's unique heritage and sensitive environment; protecting our quality of life in the face of challenges from ruthless big business and irresponsible tourism; providing needed support for working people, children and seniors; managing a government unparalleled in fiscal prudence and civility and enforcing our laws.

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