The Democratic Town Committee

The Democratic Town Committee is the official organization of the Democratic Party in East Hampton. In accordance with law, the Committee proposes candidates for town offices and collects signatures for the petitions required to enable local state and national candidates to run for office. In our town, it does that and much more. We are the friendly critic and watchdog of our elected officials. And in an election, we work overtime to see that they get elected.

Membership in the Democratic Town Committee is open to all Democrats registered in East Hampton. There are two Committee persons for each of the town’s 19 election districts. We meet once a month to hear from our public officials, catch up on news, formulate policy and take on responsibilities during and between campaigns.

Become a Member of the Democratic Town Committee

  • The Democratic Town Committee is the official organization of the Democratic Party in East
  • We meet the third Wednesday of each month at St. Michael’s Lutheran Church in Amagansett, New York. Meeting begins at 7 pm with refreshments served prior to the meeting. (Insert Map)
  • The Committee proposes candidates for town offices and collects signatures for the petitions required to enable local, state and national candidates to run for office
  • Membership in the committee is open to all persons registered in East Hampton as Democrats.
  • To become a voting member, one must obtain signatures on a petition from 5% of the
    registered Democrats in one of the 19 East Hampton election districts. There are opportunities to serve in some election districts. Petition forms and information on carrying them may be obtained from Committee Vice-chair Betty Mazur, 631 267-8392 or directly from the Suffolk County Democratic Committee.
  • Membership will afford an opportunity to be directly involved in this year’s campaign. For information on a complete list of our 2017 candidates click here

Committee Leadership

Jeanne Frankl, Chairwoman

Jeanne Frankl has served as chairman of the Democratic Town Committee since 2009, this year with Ilissa Meyer as co-chair. Jeanne has been a weekender in Amagansett since 1966 and a full time resident since 1996. A retired lawyer, she worked in the private sector, and with the Federal court system, the Port of New York Authority and the City of New York. She also served for a total of 14 years as executive director of non-profit organizations advocating for equity and excellence in public schools. Jeanne’s mission as Democratic Chair has been two fold: (1) to sustain the commitment nurtured by generations of our local Democrats to preserving East Hampton’s heritage, environment and service to all its people; and (2) to bring into our local government arena a new generation of Democratic leaders.  She expects the 2017 campaign to further both agendas, in continuing the enhanced environmental leadership of the Trustees, and in electing Peter Van Scoyoc Supervisor, re-electing Kathee Burke-Gonzalez Councilwoman and electing Jeff Bragman as a new Councilman.

Ilissa Meyer, Co-Chair

At the regular February meeting of the East Hampton Democratic Committee, Ilissa Meyer was elected Co-Chairmen of the group serving with Jeanne Frankl, the long time chairman.  This fifteen year resident of Northwest Woods was born, raised, and schooled on the north shore of Long Island.  She attended Hofstra College has degrees in Business Administration & Business Management. Presently, she manages her husband’s, Dr. James Meyer, equine veterinary business.  A horse aficionado herself, she once owned an equestrian center in Bridgehampton where she taught children how to ride.  

Ilissa has been an active member of the Anti Bias Task Force, East Hampton/Sag Harbor CAC, LVIS, and the East Hampton Sportsman Alliance.  She sees the residents of the town of East Hampton as the heart and soul of our community and strives to keep East Hampton as a pristine place to work, live, raise a family and thrive. This 45 year old energetic woman hopes to increase diversity and attract young people into becoming active members of the party.

Betty Mazur, Vice Chair

When Betty Mazur moved to East Hampton after retirement from teaching high school, she brought with her a long history of community and political involvement: college anti-war activist, elected member of the Fort Lee Democratic Party and chair, tenants’ rights organizer, officer of her local teachers’ union, to name a few. She was already a member of the East Hampton Democratic Committee , commuting from N.J. after work to attend meetings during the 80’s when the future of this town seemed doomed to reflect the rapid overdevelopment of western Suffolk. Once here, in the same Amagansett summer home built for her family of four children, she volunteered with the newly-established Retreat, doing Hot Line duty and client advocacy for ten years. Earlier, she served as president of her road association, working to maintain the rural quality of her neighborhood and hamlet. She joined the committee to establish the first Amagansett Historic District on Main Street and later, the second district on Bluff Road. Betty was appointed to be a member of the State study to recognize areas of  scenic significance for East Hampton and she also participated in the Amagansett Corridor Study. Today, she is vice chair of the Democratic party, chair of the Screening Committee and continues to work on her favorite project of voter registration.

Afton DiSunno, Treasurer

Afton DiSunno has been a resident of East Hampton for over 20 years.  She is a licensed real estate sales person with the Corcoran Group in the Village of East Hampton.  Afton is a volunteer throughout the community and has worked with and been a board member of several local non-profit organizations.  She enjoys spending free time with her family and sailing. 


Get to Know the Committee Member in Your Election District

Members of the Democratic Town Committee are available to discuss community and town issues and Democratic positions. They are eager to hear your views, obtain your signatures on nominating petitions and ensure that you know when and where to vote. Here is a list of members by Election District:

  1. Jeanne Frankl (Chair)
  2. Andrew Malone (chair Emeritus), Tracey Loggia
  3. Kammy Wolf, Jim MacMillan
  4. Bill Taylor (Chair Emeritus), Tyler Armstrong
  5. Naomi Salz, Jim Lubetkin
  6. none
  7. Susan McGraw Keber, Afton DiSunno (Treasurer)
  8. Sue Avedon, lIissa Meyer (Co-Chair)
  9. Phyllis Italiano, Arthur Schiff
  10. Andrew Harris
  11. Franaldo Hanna, Vicki Luria Blatt
  12. Betty Mazur (Vice-chair), Rona Klopman
  13. Averill Geus
  14. JB DosSantos, Viral Patel
  15. Christopher Kelley (chair Emeritus), Arline Gidion
  16. Jeanne Hutson, David Weinstein
  17. Arlene Coulter, Larry Smith and Bette Smith
  18. Laura Michaels, Bill Horner
  19. Connie Cortese


Members At Large

  • Walker Bragman
  • Rameshwar Das
  • Barbara Layton
  • Larry Mayer
  • Michael O'Neil
  • Janet Van Sickle

To contact your Committee person, send an e-mail to

The Democratic View Hosted by Phyllis Italiano

During one of our campaigns someone remarked that the Dems needed to have their own show on LTV to showcase their candidates.  It was decided to ask me if I would be willing to do such a show. I would have to take the Producer’s Class given by LTV.  I did and launched my show featuring that year’s candidates. In the years that followed, The Democratic View branched out to discuss the issues that are plaguing our town with people who were knowledgeable and had the expertise to enlighten the viewers about such problems like water quality, the airport, etc. while the show also highlighted those who serve our Town, i.e. Ocean Rescue, Minerva Perez (OLA), Tick Born Diseases/Dr. George Dempsey and many others.

Watch the "Democratic View", our TV interview show on LTV Ch20, Tuesday 9:30am, Wednesday 8pm, Friday 12:30pm, and Saturday at 9:30am & 10pm.

Click here to see the shows on YouTube.