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Peter Van Scoyoc, Town Board

Peter Van Scoyoc’s family has roots in East Hampton that go back to the 1700s. The modern Van Scoyoc runs his own residential construction company and a seasonal charter fishing business, near Sag Harbor. He is intimately familiar with the land and waters of East Hampton and the issues we face both making ends meet and sustaining what is best about this place and community. Peter’s wife, Marilyn, has been a music teacher and band director at East Hampton High School for more than 20 years. His daughter, Amy, was the Valedictorian of the 2009 East Hampton High graduating class and holds a degree in Biology from Dartmouth College. His son, Thomas, is a senior at SUNY Purchase Film School.

Peter has devoted much of his time to public service. He has coached little league, girl’s softball, and youth soccer in East Hampton and Springs. He is currently serving his fourth year on the East Hampton Town Board.

Prior to being elected, he served six years on the East Hampton Town Planning Board and completed a five year term on the Zoning Board of Appeals, the last year as chair.

PeterVanScoyocFamily_960w“I am grateful for all East Hampton has given me and my family. I want to do what I can to ensure that future generations will continue to enjoy the beauty and bounty of our surroundings and experience the care and support that our small town community offers. As a business owner, I understand the need to support local business while balancing the needs of the community and environment. We could lose forever our quality of life if we don’t defend it. We must continue to assure beach access, control the Montauk club scene, control airport noise, protect Springs against overcrowding, enforce our rules and regulations fairly and equally, and protect the quiet enjoyment of our own homes. We can balance working life and quality of life. But we have to do it. It won’t take care of itself.”

What People are Saying about Peter:

“Peter Van Scoyoc’s experience on the East Hampton Town Zoning and Planning Boards as well as his life experience as a local carpenter, fi sherman, and father give him an excellent background for continued service on the Town Board. Peter Van Scoyoc has deep roots in this community and has dedicated much of his life toward its betterment.“

— Legislator Jay Schneiderman

“Peter has been a stalwart defender of our quality of life, from Montauk to Wainscott, from getting control of clubs to getting control of airport noise. We need him on the Town Board.”

— Kammy Schell Wolf, lifelong East Hampton resident

“Peter Van Scoyoc has a demonstrated record of achievement in the Town of East Hampton. I have enjoyed working with Peter on issues of common concern, including the environment, public safety, and the local economy.”

— Fred Thiele, NY State Assemblyman

Some of what Peter has accomplished:

  • Commissioned a Town wide wastewater management plan and is working on the implementation of its recommendations.
  • Refused to take F.A.A. funding and instituted the first airport noise restrictions.
  • Closed the Scavenger Waste plant saving taxpayers over $800,000 dollars every year.
  • Stopped down zonings and development of 81 luxury condos on valuable farmland in Amagansett.
  • Acquired acres of wetlands, open space, and historic property throughout the Town.
  • Saved Fort Pond House, the only Town owned access to Fort Pond, from being sold.
  • Sought and received injunctive relief against repeat violators of our laws.
  • Restored civility and respect at Town Hall for the Public and Town Employees.
  • Initiated a professional Business and Hamlet Study.

What will Peter do if elected?

  • Protect our quality of life from outside pressures.
  • Continue to strengthen fair and equal enforcement
    of the Town Code.
  • Maintain public access to beaches and other public
  • Strike the right balance between the environment
    and the economy.
  • Support local business, farming, and fishing.
  • Finish the job of controlling airport noise.
  • Build affordable housing options that help meet the needs of our local citizens.
  • Strengthen the Town’s efforts to keep our ground and surface waters clean.
  • Preserve open space, wetlands, watersheds, farmland, and historic properties through appropriate CPF purchases.
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