Tom Flight, Candidate for Town Board

Tom Flight

Montauk resident Tom Flight is an EMT, volunteer firefighter and local small business owner who has served on the Montauk school board for the last 7 years. Tom has a proven track record of serving his community that he will bring with him to the Town Board. As a parent to three school aged children with his wife, Montauk native and East Hampton High School teacher, Georgia Biondo Flight, Tom is committed to ensuring that we take action now to preserve our environment for future generations. 

Tom’s priorities:
  • Deliver Affordable Housing for Essential Workers and Their Families.
  • Revise Town Wide Plans for Natural Disasters and Emergencies.
  • Safeguard East Hampton’s Natural Resources; Implementing strategies to Safeguard our Water Resources and reduce Landfill Waste.
Affordable Housing 

Increase scope of Town projects to to deliver more affordable housing through Accessory Dwelling Units,  Increased multi family units and new housing projects to ensure the Essential and Emergency workers are able to live in the communities they serve. 

Revise Town Wide Plans for Natural Disasters and Emergencies 

Coordinate across emergency organizations to ensure that the Town’s emergency preparedness plans are actionable with clear lines of operation, reporting and communication. 

Safeguard Town’s Natural Resources

The long term viability of our Town is inseparable from protection of our critical natural resources.   During my time in office I will look to work across the public and private sectors with a goal of preserving Town wide water resources. I will also look to significantly decrease Town contributions to Landfill Waste, through initiatives to increase recycling and reduce single use plastics. 

Tom is Endorsed By: 
  • The Long Island Federation of Labor
  • Working Families Party