Our Trustee Candidates Commitments

From left to right: Patrice Dalton, David Cataletto, Bill Taylor, John Aldred, Francis Bock,
Tim Garneau, Jim Grimes, Ben Dollinger and Celia Josephson
  • To actively defend public access to our beaches and other common lands.
  • To use all funds we receive from the South Fork Wind Farm agreement for the environmental improvement of Trustee holdings and to continue to monitor the five-year “Fisheries Study Work Plan” for the project.
  • To continue to participate in the successful mosquito larvae targeted treatment program as we have for the past six years.
  • To re-affirm our partnership with The Nature Conservancy, to rehabilitate and restore Accabonac Harbor’s salt marsh.
  • To expand our long-term water quality monitoring and improvement program for our harbors, ponds, and lakes, with Stony Brook University.
  • To continue our participation in horseshoe crab spawning and population studies with Cornell and NYSDEC.
  • To encourage and support the development of aquaculture projects such as living shorelines, oyster reefs and seaweed culture that contribute to improving water quality in our harbors and ponds.
  • To complete our dock survey inventory update and bring all non-conforming structures into compliance.