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East Hampton Democrats need volunteers to help us re-elect Supervisor Larry Cantwell, Councilwoman Sylvia Overby and Concilman Peter Van Scoyoc. The candidates put up by the Republicans offer neither the experience nor the commitments to sustain and continue their achievements in maintaining the Town’s unique heritage and sensitive environment; protecting our quality of life in the face of challenges from ruthless big business and irresponsible tourism; providing needed support for working people, children and seniors; managing a government unparalleled in fiscal prudence and civility and enforcing our laws.

To support Campaign 2015, we are enlisting:

  • Writers and artists to develop literature and posters
  • Computer techies to enhance our social media
    Video makers
  • Fundraising and benefit specialists to compete with the opposition’s well financed campaign
  • Foot soldiers working door to door and on the phone to get out the vote
  • Hosts for parties to showcase our candidates

Please volunteer your time and skills to this effort by calling Vice-chair Betty Mazur at (631) 267-8392 or click here to contact The Committee


Be Informed

Get to Know the Committee Persons in Your Election District

Members of the Democratic Town Committee are available to discuss community and town issues and Democratic positions. They are eager to hear your views, obtain your signatures on nominating petitions and ensure that you know when and where to vote. Here is a list of members by Election District:

  1.  Jeanne Frankl (Chair)
  2.  Andrew Malone (chair Emeritus), Sara Gage
  3. Kammy Wolf, Jim MacMillan
  4. Bill Taylor (Chair Emeritus), Tyler Armstrong 
  5. Naomi Salz
  6. none
  7. Susan McGraw Keber, Afton DiSunno
  8. Sue Avedon, lIissa Meyer (Treasurer)
  9. Phyllis Italiano, Nori Garcia
  10. Andrew Harris, Janet Van Sickle
  11. Franaldo Hanna, Vicki Blatt 
  12. Betty Mazur (Vice-chair), Rona Klopman
  13. Averill Geus, Edwin Geus
  14. JB DosSantos, Alex Miller
  15. Christopher Kelley (chair Emeritus), Rameshwar Das
  16.  Jeanne Hutson, David Weinstein
  17. Arlene Coulter, Larry Smith and Bette Smith
  18. Laura Michaels
  19. Connie Cortese

To contact your Committee person, send an e-mail to info@ehdems.com

Attend and Watch East Hampton Town Board Meetings

Work sessions: held the first three Tuesdays of the month in Town Hall at 10 a.m. Town Board members discuss issues and upcoming legislation.

Business Meetings: Held the first and third Thursdays of the month at 6:30 p.m. at Town Hall or the Fire Department in Montauk.  At these meetings, the Board schedules and holds public hearings on proposed legislation and passes laws and resolutions. There is a public session, usually first or early in the agenda, in which any member of the public may speak on any subject for up to 3 minutes.

Meetings in Town Hall are televised live and may also be seen later on TV Channel 22. Click here to see a list of past meetings on video as well as agendas and minutes from the Town Clerk.

For additional information about the Town Board, visit the Town’s website at www.town.easthampton.ny.us

Attend and Watch East Hampton Town Trustees Meetings

The East Hampton Board of Trustees meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at 6 p.m. in the Trustee’s office on Bluff Road, Amagansett. Meetings are now televised live on Channel 22.

For information about the Trustees, visit their website, www.ehtrustees.com.  Also see the
website of the joint Democratic/lndependence Party slate of candidates for election to that Board in November, 2015. 

Become a Member of the Democratic Town Committee

  • The Democratic Town Committee is the official organization of the Democratic Party in East
  • The Committee proposes candidates for town offices and collects signatures for the petitions required to enable local, state and national candidates to run for office
  • Membership in the committee is open to all persons registered in East Hampton as Democrats.
  • To become a voting member, one must obtain signatures on a petition from 5% of the
    registered Democrats in one of the 19 East Hampton election districts. There are opportunities to serve in some election districts. Petition forms and information on carrying them may be obtained from Committee Vice-chair Betty Mazur, 631 267-8392 or directly from the Suffolk County Democratic Committee.
  • Membership will afford an opportunity to be directly involved in this year’s campaigns to re-elect Supervisor Larry Cantwell and Councilwoman Sylvia Overby and Councilman Peter Van Scoyoc. We are also campaigning strongly for a new slate of candidates running for the town’s Board of Trustees.


Campaigns take money. Please Donate.

Are you a driven fundraiser who can enlist others in the community to support our efforts to preserve the place they love? Help us get others to donate.  We need your energy and smarts. Call Naomi Salz: 631 324-3420.